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15 Reasons to Date a journey Attendant

Pay no focus on flight attendant laughs you have heard through the years. If you possess the possible opportunity to time one, don’t hesitate to book the journey!

Listed here are 15 explanations why:

1. Journey attendants have actually free of charge or low-cost standby flight benefits to most locations. Want a spontaneous week-end in san francisco bay area or Austin? Complete price.

2. People that fly the friendly heavens for a full time income fork out a lot period out of the house, so they’re very appreciative of a familiar face and a romantic evening home whenever down-time finally comes.

3. It cannot be said of flight attendants they don’t get away a lot. If they has elected becoming along with you, it isn’t for shortage of other choices.

4. Flight attendants are trained to remain peaceful in an urgent situation and steer clear of stress in others, skills that come in useful during any conflict within union.

5. a journey attendant is trained to cope gracefully with all of types of individuals. Meeting your parents or your best pals—and creating a impression—should be a piece of cake.

6. A person that picks to be a trip attendant has actually a well-known feeling of adventure. He or she is not likely to get the wet-blanket at a celebration—or in a relationship.

7. If you’ve always wished to begin to see the world, a journey attendant will likely make an outstanding travel pal and visit guide.

8. Should you choose travel with each other, you do not have to consider lugging around a mountain regarding baggage. Flight attendants understand worth of economic climate whenever loading a suitcase.

9. Flight attendants are taught to be efficient, punctual, and organized—admirable characteristics in a dating spouse, specifically if you’ve outdated reckless, unreliable folks in the past.

10. Food conversation with a trip attendant is actually unlikely to-be boring. They have an endless method of getting interesting stories to inform.

11. Journey attendants may already know just that yard simply greener on the reverse side of the country (or globe), since they’ve already been through it.

12. Trip attendants won’t endure long on work without strong folks skills. Those abilities are certain to enhance a dating relationship.

13. Because they spend a great deal time with folks on the move, journey attendants appreciate dating some one with their legs on a lawn.

14. Flight attendants deal with danger on a consistent basis—which gives them a nice-looking zest forever.

15. a trip attendant will encourage you generously for a lavish base scrub at the conclusion of an extended excursion. Incentive: They may have an endless supply of honey-roasted peanuts and pretzels!


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