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baseline meaning of baseline in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

Therefore, setting a baseline is vital for every company to fully understand the gradual value of their marketing. Second, it helps you understand and explain fluctuations in product sales caused by external factors without marketing intrusion. For instance, you may define to what extent your competitor influences the revenue.

In project budgeting, the approved budget numbers are the baselines for comparison of actual expenses. For example, a public company will track the performance of each product line by choosing one year as a baseline and measuring all subsequent years against it. We are currently undergoing an environmental audit which will set baselines against which individual recycling targets may be set. Since then the money has been built into health authorities’ recurrent revenue baselines and is no longer centrally earmarked for waiting list initiatives. Optical densities were calculated against corresponding baselines, displayed on the computer monitor separately for each of the two scan directions 0polarizations, and stored on the computer hard disk.

definition of baseline

If a company opens a new warehouse, for example, and the cost baseline has been set at $100,000 per month every month for 10 months, any monthly cost exceeding $100,000 is a red flag for the budget analyst. For example, a company that wants to measure the success of a product line can use the number of units sold during the first year as a baseline against which subsequent annual sales are measured. The baseline serves as the starting point against which all future sales are measured. Functionality means the ability of a tenderer to provide goods or services in accordance with specifications as set out in the tender documents. A line that serves as a basis or reference point for observing behavior. Because this behavioral performance is stable, it is often used as a yardstick for assessing how interventions and manipulations would affect the outcome.

Origin of Baseline

So a period that has the same revenue as the baseline would have 100% revenue. A baseline is typically used when a financial statement or budget analysis is prepared. The statement or analysis uses existing revenues and spending as a baseline for assessing whether a new project is implemented successfully.

definition of baseline

The new features should provide a baseline of security for Windows users. Swap Specification means, with respect to any Swap, the Rules or other trading protocols containing specifications for such Swap, as adopted, amended, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time by BSEF. Baseline Configurationmeans the unretrofitted test configuration, tuned in accordance with the automobile manufacturer’s specifications. However, it’s important for all marketers to track customer’s purchase trends according to the time of the year, climate, holidays, or other events. Understanding how and when your clients make a purchase can give you a substantial advantage. RxList does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

The Baseline in Financial Statement Analysis

Software Upgrade means a release of Software, in object code form, or firmware, which adds new functionality and feature enhancements to the Software or Equipment. Kodak software releases that are designated as Software Upgrade will be identified A.B.x where the A &B designates the release as a Software Upgrade. Configuration means State-specific changes made to the Software without Source Code or structural data model changes occurring.

definition of baseline

A baseline in medicine is information found at the beginning of a study, or other initial known value, that is used for comparison with later data. The concept of a baseline is essential to the daily practice of medicine in order to establish a relative, rather than absolute, meaning to data. The line at each end of a tennis court, parallel to the net, that marks the in-bounds limit of play. Interviews with students provided the baseline of our project. Key performance indicators are quantifiable measures that gauge a company’s performance against a set of targets, objectives, or industry peers.


Later in 2023, another five states and 22 cities and counties will hike their baseline rate, according to the National Employment Law Project, a worker rights group. The 6-foot-11 Gold subbed for Ighodaro in the first half and couldn’t convert a good look with his left hand after a baseline out-of-bounds play. LeBron James roamed the baseline near the Lakers bench, most seats still empty after the halftime intermission. The experiment is meant only to provide a baseline for other studies. Upgrade means the addition or retrofit of some systems such as cathodic protection, lining, or spill and overfill controls to improve the ability of an underground storage tank system to prevent the release of product.

definition of baseline

Base years are also used to measure the growth of a company. However, project costs inevitably fluctuate from baseline numbers as unknown and unexpected expenses or even, in some cases, savings are realized. The cost baseline can be updated to reflect actual project costs.

You can track the percentage of your sales growth in general and the percentage of the sales growth you gained because of the new marketing method. A financial statement analysis that uses a baseline is called horizontal analysis. It compares a company’s historical financial information over a number of reporting periods that may be monthly, quarterly, or annually. A baseline is a fixed point of reference that is used for comparison purposes. In business, the success of a project or product is often measured against a baseline number for costs, sales, or any number of other variables. You can use baseline modeling to measure this improvement accurately and define that, for example, 15% of the sales growth came from a new marketing campaign launched in that quarter.


This exercise is useful in spotting trends, looking at areas of growth or decline, and assessing financial performance overall. Ratios like profit margin are also compared horizontally against the baseline year to draw conclusions about a company’s ongoing performance. The first period in a horizontal analysis is denoted as the baseline period. All subsequent periods are then measured as a percentage of the baseline.

A line serving as a basis, as for measurement, calculation, or location. It is the initial observation or value of a measurable quantity at the time of diagnosis or assessment against which later tests will be compared. Look up any word in the dictionary offline, anytime, anywhere with the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary app. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. A line on the body plan or sheer plan of a hull, representing a horizontal reference plane for vertical dimensions. Managerial accounting is the practice of analyzing and communicating financial data to managers, who use the information to make business decisions.

  • A baseline is an imaginary starting point or basis of comparison for something.
  • Consider every conversion made, not just those made by the customers who were attracted to your marketing.
  • With the precise baseline, you can get new information about your marketing channels and identify conversion sources.
  • The cost baseline is the budget approved for the project, usually broken down in some detail by cost category and cost period of time.
  • Look up baselineor baselines in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

By establishing a baseline algorithm, it will be much easier for you to explain the highs and lows in sales, even if your budget is the same. Abaselineis an attributed value of everything outside of your marketing efforts, including all costs, sales, or other variables that would have happened anyway. It’s considered to be a fixed point of reference and is used https://globalcloudteam.com/ for comparison purposes. In horizontal financial analysis, the numbers for the first reporting period serve as the baselines for comparison of subsequent periods. Project budgeting works from what is known as a cost baseline. The cost baseline is the budget approved for the project, usually broken down in some detail by cost category and cost period of time.

Techopedia Explains Baseline

In IT management, a baseline is the expected values or conditions against which all performances are compared. From a project management perspective, the creation of baselines is considered as the official end of project planning and definition of baseline the start of project execution and control. Control of baselines is crucial for project and IT management. First, identifying the company’s baseline helps you accurately calculate the incremental impact of your marketing efforts.

Experimental treatments, for instance, are geared towards modifying behavior. Baselines help in measuring and controlling project-related activities. It helps in improving the accuracy related to future estimation and also helps in earned valued calculation. A baseline is an imaginary starting point or basis of comparison for something. To test how a class’s performance improves over time, a researcher might begin with a baseline showing their current scores and grades. In information technology management, the baseline is the anticipated or maximal level of performance.

Project leaders could evaluate the relative progress of specific parts of a project and a project as a whole with the help of this information. Thus it helps in the forecasting of the outcome of the project. You’re most likely to encounter baseline in technical or work-related writing, since it’s mainly used to talk about comparing data. In land surveying, the baseline runs east and west, and all measurements and surveys are based on that main line. There’s also a baseline in sports, marking certain boundaries on the field or court, including the route a baseball player takes rounding the bases toward home plate. The baseline configuration is used as a basis for future builds, releases, and/or changes.

Example Sentences

Cost accounting is a form of managerial accounting that aims to capture a company’s total cost of production by assessing its variable and fixed costs. A cost center is a function within an organization that does not directly add to profit but still costs an organization money to operate. Europe’s steelmakers have proposed a system that sets a baseline for carbon efficiency. $13 million was added to the baseline budget for the district attorney’s office. Improve your vocabulary with English Vocabulary in Use from Cambridge. The Holiday Classic, winning on a baseline jumper by Amiri Meadows with less than a second to play in a National Division contest.

One of the best ways to start using marketing analytics is to establish a performance baseline. Pallipedia does not endorse or recommend any commercial products, processes, or services; therefore, their mention cannot be construed as such. Pallipedia should not be used as guidance to treatment and its purpose is to provide users with information to help them better understand conditions and the current range of approaches related to palliative care.

Other Word Forms of Baseline

Pallipedia urges health care providers and patients to always consult other relevant and up-to-date experts. DisclaimerAll content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Horizontal analysis is used in financial statement analysis to compare historical data, such as ratios or line items, over a number of accounting periods.

More limited jurisdictions can be claimed in a region up to 200 nautical miles from those baselines. We have chosen this distance because it is within six miles from baselines that almost all the static gear fishing is carried out. One of our early priorities will be to establish clear baselines for these targets. In 256 simulation runs, the baselines of the interferograms 1 and 2 are varied from 0 m to 400 m each. The three last baselines correspond to the three constraints considered by the proposed algorithm.

baseline ​Definitions and Synonyms

The research programme will establish the hard baselines against which we can better measure our progress and success. Peeing in a urinal or a toilet from the side instead of from the front. Analogous to a basketball player shooting a jump shot from the baseline rather than from the top of the key. An accurately surveyed line from which other lines or the angles between them are measured. Find more leads and accelerate conversions with Snov.io, an all-in-one toolbox for B2B sales.

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